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What Turns Us n?

Born from two quite different director backgrounds, Open 24 Seven is a company, who, quite simply like interesting innovative products. Either we find it, or it finds us and then we use the latest technology and multichannel experience to sell it!

In some ways we are like a Dragon’s Den for exciting products (without the fire-breathing!) Our investment is our knowledge, infrastructure, resources, management experience and digital selling expertise.

Simply put, we are in the business of Enabling Digital Merchandising

  1. Feasibility & Launch
  2. Build a Brand
  3. Launch a Company
  4. Establish a Legacy

Where are we headed?

Our ultimate goal is to be the ‘go to’ company if you want to catapult your product into the digital arena. Multi-channel specialists behind some of the best ideas and brands in the market!
We like to think of it as the Open 24 Seven effect. Using our core values of people, profit, service and community we focus our attention on creating healthy balanced companies. This along with our company culture sit at the heart of the brands and companies we create.

We will be successful when people knock on our door because they want us to sell their product as our reputation precedes us: Powered by Open 24 Seven!

Our vision is Channelling Product Success

Our Blueprint to Success

Selling online is easy, right? Spend a load of money building a website, launch it and wait for the sales to roll in? Not quite…

Running a business and generating online sales is simply not about throwing money into a website. It’s about constant customer contact, knowing where to place your product, through which channels and how to reach these effectively and efficiently. We’ve done it all already (and have the bumps and bruises to prove it!)

Open 24 Seven is more than a simple website, we enable digital sales as your merchandising partner. These are some of the things we do when launching projects to ensure success…

Our Philosophy

  • If you’ve done something twice, you’ve done it once too many.

    - Lee Adams -
  • Do. Or do not. There is no try.

    - Yoda, Star Wars -

The Team

Lee Adams

Managing Director

A digital Entrepreneur and the ultimate consumer. Great at spotting trends before they happen and maverick enough to have a go at selling his whims.

Chris Barrell

Operations Director

Strategy & Structure… A background in innovation, inventions and investment. Definitely NOT a design guru!



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