Does working from home drive you up the wall?

We know that working from home can be very comfy for a while, but time and again, studies find that too much isolation is simply bad for anyone’s wellbeing – even with the fiercest of introverts! Whether you’re a startup or an already established company, mostly working by yourself or together in a small team, it pays off to share a space when you’re at work, away from your own slumpy sofa. With a stimulating, collaborative environment, you’ll be able to focus for longer, sit in a relaxed, ergonomically supported position, and take regular, healthy breaks. You could hop different spaces for either solitary or interactive work, and dip into social activities if you fancy. We guarantee you: fresh ideas will come easier, and you’ll come home a lot more energised… than when you haven’t left your home at all!


Who are we?

We are the dorks & dudettes of team Open 24 Seven, working and playing hard for our beautiful brands. We’re quite nice. (As long as we get to have our Beer Fridays.) Besides our team members, you will find several other digital creatives roaming around here including a video production and branding company. Lots of opportunities to form new projects with others, should you be interested in that. In any case, you’ll notice the genuinely creative, relaxed and friendly vibe the people bring to this place.