Green Feathers

Who are we?
Green Feathers was launched from SpyCameraCCTV, who have been selling Bird Box Cameras for nearly 10 years. At SpyCameraCCTV we have had a lot of experience with selling wildlife cameras and our bird box cameras have been a top-seller for many years. Due to their success, we hatched a plan for our cameras to become their very own brand and so they flew from the SpyCameraCCTV nest and became Green Feathers. Green Feathers is based in Bristol where our team have taken our fledgeling cameras to new heights.


What do we do?
We supply cameras that can be mounted in bird nesting boxes so that you can watch the feathered wildlife in your garden from the comfort of your lounge. This is great for anyone who loves wildlife and it is a popular gift for Christmas and Father’s Day. As technology continuingly improves we have been busy improving our products. We now have an HD camera solution so that you can monitor what is happening in the nest box from your phone or tablet even when you are away from the house.